Wednesday, August 10, 2011

ABC Wednesday Challenge

This week's letter: D

D can be for...Dublin, our cowardly Basset Hound. He's afraid of any and every loud noise.


  1. Oh, poor Dublin! We've had dogs who are terrified of noises - specifically thunder and fireworks - and it's not fun, is it? You feel so bad for them.

    I love his name, and he's a very handsome fellow!

  2. Just like our Freida - she cowers when we open a bottle of wine as she thinks the cork will pop - sadly we don't drink enough champagne! I can live in hope though can't I?
    Denise ABC Team

  3. My mom has a Basset, and he was scared of all kinds of things until he went deaf. Now he's just scared to get his feet wet after it rains!
    Adorable picture.

  4. Awwwwwwwwwww - Dublin looks so cute. i have a fox terrier who tries to act tough when she hears loud noises

  5. So cute! He looks very friendly! Thanks for visiting my ABC. Enjoy the day.

  6. yes, dogs do hate loud noises!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team