Friday, September 23, 2011

Alphabet Thursday

This week's letter: W
W for...Water, Topkapi-style

No simple bowls for my beauty Topkapi. No, like the python Queen she is, she requires a glass. I do this every day because she has come to expect it. I have one very spoiled snake.

Jenny Matlock


  1. Topkapi does look like a beautiful snake and definitely is spoiled! (but that's good!)

  2. Having just suffered the experience of our little Yorkie being bitten by a rattlesnake, I'm not feeling too kindly towards snakes right now!

    Good post, though!

  3. I've never owned a snake or any exotic pet.

  4. I'm glad your snake isn't really spoiled...she could ask for perrier with purified ice in a cut glass goblet!

    I really enjoyed that post.

    Thanks for linking.

    Fingered crossed this comment will work here.