Thursday, June 9, 2011

Alphabet Thursday

H is for Hooting

My sister works at a wildlife care and rehabilitation center, so she gets to handle all these beautiful animals, including this particular owl, whose name is Goatcheese. No idea why he was given that name. He is an imprinted owl, which means that he was taken from the wild when he was a baby and raised by humans. He now feels more comfortable with us than with other birds, which is sad, since that means he can't be released back to the wild.

Jenny Matlock


  1. I've got a friend who works at the zoo and with birds of prey. They are so cool. I go "help" every chance I get.

  2. Was he injured and taken into a refuge for rehabilation?~Ames

  3. You have a beautiful and fascinating blog!

  4. What a perfect link to Alphabe-Thursday! And what a fascinating subject! Owls have always been really fascinating to me. And this picture is so neat!

    Thanks for a wonderful link this week.

    And welcome!


  5. What a gorgeous creature. Sad that it can't be released.

    Have a great weekend.